Welcome to Explore Biology! This website has been designed to guide you step by step to achieve your desired academic goals in IGCSE, AS, and A level biology in both the Cambridge and Edexcel curriculum.

My name is Seema Mohiuddin, and I have been involved in academia for 18 years. Throughout my career, I have taught a variety of grades and curricula but have enjoyed teaching high school the most. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and find the differences between both delivery methods fascinating as technology is rapidly advancing to allow people to learn beyond the formal classroom setting.

The relationship I maintain with my students is always positive, as I believe a great academic achievement and student behavior are influenced by a positive student-teacher relationship. I like to build confidence in my students and teach them to think critically and creatively to become independent learners.

I invite you to embark on this journey of exploring biology together.